This is where I will post my muscle drawings (mostly NSFW).
If you're looking for my chub drawings, you can find a link below.

My half of an art trade with my bud, Branchlaw 8U Saph showing off his large cock and cumming a huge load over Crux. Got insanely lazy with the rest of the legs and I kept hating myself for not being able to keep the sexiness Crux’s face should have. Linearts a bit blurry this time because I used some thin sketch paper and apparently it didn’t like being erased around Saph’s neck. I hope you don’t mind that I ended up making his cock hyper haha; nonetheless, this was pretty cool and loved sketching it.

Not sure which version is better… Left/1st is the original and Right/2nd is the placement edit so the cum coating makes sense and that Saph is looking at him.