This is where I will post my muscle drawings (mostly NSFW).
If you're looking for my chub drawings, you can find a link below.
Busier than ever (more like I should be)

I’m sorry for not posting much, if at all lately, I’m still busy with college, but I feel that I should give you guys a list of what will be taking my time this weekend and most likely the whole next week:

- English paper Introduction and Conclusion
- English class blog entry (explaining experience of how the paper has been so far)
- Three drawings based on a theme: Penguins! (it’s a bit more than simply penguins though)
-> 1st : Prismacolor pencils
-> 2nd: Probably with carbon
-> 3rd: Non-traditional surface
- Self-portrait in 16th Century clothing done with chalk pastels
- Two other drawings I need to finish for my portfolio

I’ve been slacking off the drawings, curse my easily distracted nature when it comes to work… But I need to step it up if I want my mind to be at peace. Also, I have yet to go to the aid office because I haven’t had the time due to all the work and time that I end up arriving at college on Tues/Thurs. I might just need to stop logging in at all, whether it’s on one of my galleries, msn, or skype. Though I doubt that would do much unless I completely disconnect myself from the internet.

I hope no one takes it the wrong way, especially to those who I haven’t talked to much or in a while. Most of this is making me feel rather bitter or grumpy and I’d rather not talk while I’m like this. If I’m able to finish all or most of this by next week (or weekend) I’ll try to put something up.

And to any commissioner, I’ll still be working on your drawings after most of this is over. Sorry to say it’ll take longer than I thought.

Status Update + Got a Summer Job

Note: I wrote this at home to have more time to do stuff when I’d get on and make it easier for me to leave this post on certain sites.

I feel a bit stupid for not being able to get on after my last status post, so I thought it’d be better to let you guys know by now instead of waiting for the internet to get paid at my house (which keeps being put on hold due to a few reasons; some are stupid lol). I had a neck spasm for a week or so and had to take two pills; one of these had drowsiness as a side-effect, so I didn’t want to end up falling asleep at my aunts. At the same time, the doctor had given me some other stuff to take care of my skin (I’ll leave it at that) and I couldn’t be too long in the heat (I don’t think my aunt has a fan, so her house is usually hot, even at night). I keep forgetting to put on the stuff though, so treatment’s going slow. After that, I took the driver’s license test and passed (the learner’s one; it was my first time; I think I have to pick it up tomorrow). While I was getting better I decided to watch Megas XLR and play a few games that made me think of a silly (or weird) name: Final Graces – Birth by Evil – Rising Mix (not sure if that was what I originally thought up, but w/e). I’ve been playing the following:

  • -          Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
  • -          Tales of Graces f
  • -          Final Fantasy XIII-2 (just need the last two fragments, ugh…)
  • -          Resident Evil 5
  • -          Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • -          Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix (english patched, dunno how to play/unlock the FM episode)
  • -          Pangya (Psp version)
  • -          3D Classics: Kid Icarus
  • -          Xenoblade Chronicles (the fights are hard and leveling up takes long)
  • -          Pandora’s Tower (At the boss fight of the 11th and 12th towers; thanks to Elena I lost my appetite)
  • -          Animal Crossing: City Folk

Anyways, I applied for a summer job in town after my neck got better and I’m already set. Work begins next week at 8AM, 5 hours a day for about 8 days; I got janitor duty, but at least it’s in a clinic (unlike my bro, who got stuck with some other guys cleaning parks when he applied about 2 years ago).  With this, I should have enough to have Pokemon Black 2 paid off, maybe buy some other games or stuff that I need for my room. I haven’t felt like drawing much lately, but I do have a WIP or two lying around. I’ll see if I can post them in a while, so they should be up by the time you guys read this if I haven’t forgotten.

Y! Only: I’ll keep setting up thumbnails depending on the content that I put on here. Maybe I should do it for the hyper stuff too? Idk, I think they’re fine as is; it’s just a random thought. I need to draw stuff for the Gallant Geese, since I haven’t posted anything besides my character (I’ve had a few “momentary” ideas that come and go, though I’m not sure how to do it right).

Tumblr: I’ll probably be changing my Tumblr theme again and I’d love to know if any of you guys have a few good ones in mind or know of a site that has some (besides Tumblr’s large theme database, because that thing lags my laptop no matter what I do). I’d like something that doesn’t have much to load, but looks clean and organized. Either way, I’ll take a look at anything you guys have found or suggest.

Livestream: I’ll begin these when I have internet at my house again. Dates will be posted on all the sites that I upload stuff to (DA, FA, Y!, and Tumblr) depending on the content of the stream (ex. General, muscles, chubs; which could basically be said SFW or NSFW). I know that should be obvious, but I want to make sure that everyone gets to the stream that they’d like instead of blindly following and leaving afterward XD. Oh, besides the obvious, I’ll have some request streams, but not just any request streams; there will be normal and “Guess Request” streams depending on how I feel at the time of the stream. If you guess whatever song’s playing before anyone else, you get to request :B This only applies when you see (or I basically write out) the “Guess Request” text during the stream itself. I’ll be making some playlists related to the guessing theme (ex. Video games, a certain game series, etc) and I’ll probably leave the song stuck on repeat if you guys are having a hard time with it, though I doubt that’ll happen with my “random tastes”.

Slightly Busy + Stuff Update

I’ve been a bit busier lately since my classes are ending next month and projects/assignments have been showing up (also due to my “privacy” level being 0 because I don’t exactly have my own private spot/room, still sharing with my bro and since he’s been playing on my ps3 I can’t do stuff like this because the tv is on one side of the bed, which means he sits next to me when he plays). I’ll probably have something up later if I get the chance, which should be my “really late” colored version of Fernando and an oc request by a pal on Y!. I got the basic colors for both done, so all I need to do is maybe add a bit of shade. After that, I think I had 3 things from Y! and 1 from DA? I should really make a universal list (a note or whatever) to remind myself of these things.

About the college contest, I went ahead and emailed ‘em that I would not be able to go to read mine because it was too early for me and I was never able to find a friend who was available to go in my place to read it for me. I’m not sure if they’ll still give me the participation certificate, but oh well, I can hope that if they do it again next year that I at least have some time for it or it’s moved to a later hour. My computer seems to be getting worse already, it’s not that big of a problem (I can still use any free space to speed it up) but my left key doesn’t work anymore (makes editing text a pain and to play sidescrolling games or stuff that uses it I need to connect other stuff as if they were gamepads). I’m still hoping that it can last me a while longer since I already got some stuff for my birthday, so if it dies I most likely won’t be able to get a new one right away. To be honest, I’m lucky it still works because my bro spilled over some water on both it and my 3DS a few days ago… .__. I think that’s what might have broken the left key completely but it’s no use to blame him.

Anyway, this Saturday’s my birthday, woohoo. Hope it’s awesome, or that at least my friend is able to visit since he already moved. 8U I’ll probably be playing all day or doing something, so I might not be on unless the opposite happens. Oh, and I guess I’ll be opening my ask box thing so feel free to message, request, suggest, or ask stuff, whatever it is you do with that thing. XD And, if you know me on other sites and would like to chat or anything just send me a note or pm.